Make it with passion.

Koninklijke Mosa BV is an innovative, international company with branches and employees in various countries. A great place to work, a place to feel at home. An atmosphere that enables you to be who you want to be and do what you are good at. That’s our ambition. All of that starts with an environment in which you feel at ease. An environment we create together. After all, it takes some confidence to keep learning every day. Together we can take those steps!

No Compromises.

Our mission? No comprises in design. No compromises for the planet. At Mosa, we all contribute to designs that have a positive impact on well-being and happiness for everyone. Together. Every day. With no compromises for people or planet. And when we say ‘together’, that’s precisely what we mean. Each of us has our own role and expertise. Together we strengthen and help one another. Your teammates are as committed as you are. We take care of each other when it’s needed. By combining forces, we discover, create, and travel new pathways. As a market leader in sustainability, Mosa must continue to look for ways to do things better. We don’t just do that with colleagues, but with our partners and clients as well. Together, we set the standard and turn ideas from the abstract into reality.

Would you like to work on you and on the designs of tomorrow?

Make it happen! Make it yours. Make it Mosa.

Our future is in the making

The way in we work together defines us. Our corporate culture binds us together every day. It’s what makes Mosa. A unique, almost inexplicable feeling that you really need to come experience for yourself. We managed to capture our culture in a blend of basic ingredients, our core behaviours: Don’t drop the tile, Be the clay that binds, Reshape patterns, Be an action hero.

This special recipe guides us and helps us grow, every single day.

Top employee in the making industry

Our production departments work within a high-quality technical and technological environment in 2, 3 and 5 shifts. Mosa received the award for best training company in the process industry in the Netherlands and received the certification as ‘Topemployer’. The Topemployer quality mark is awarded annually to organizations that distinguish themselves as a good employer.