Sustainability & better world

Sustainability as a foremost priority

Mosa has designed, developed, and produced ceramic tiles in Maastricht since 1883. We enable architects and designers around the world to create signature surfaces. Sustainability is our foremost priority. That is why we adhere to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® philosophy. This way we can make a positive contribution to our society, our economy, and our planet. Together we can make the difference.

Cradle to Cradle and Mosa

From design to production process, Mosa focuses intensively on sustainability in the sense of Cradle to Cradle. Setting up the production of tiles in such a way that Cradle to Cradle certificates are obtained requires a conscious approach and choices within all business processes.

On the basis of five main criteria, we strive to reduce waste, to save energy, and to take social responsibility: pure raw materials, great recycling potential, low energy consumption, environmentally-friendly water management, and good terms and conditions of employment.

Mosa cares

With all kinds of initiatives, big and small, we want to contribute to a good living environment. The well-being of people and the planet is the common thread.

Maas Cleanup

Mosa is one of the founding partners of the Maas Cleanup foundation, a movement of companies, (nature) organizations and citizens, united for the Maas. Together we tackle the litter around the Maas, a major source of annoyance, harmful to nature, animals and ultimately people.

Maas Cleanup

Met allerlei initiatieven, groot en klein willen we bijdragen aan een goed leefklimaat. Het welzijn voor mens en planeet is hierbij de rode draad.

Mosa is een van de founding partners van de Maas Cleanup foundation, een beweging van bedrijven, (natuur)organisaties en burgers, verenigd voor de Maas. Samen pakken we het zwerfafval rondom de Maas aan, een grote bron van ergernis, schadelijk voor de natuur, dieren en uiteindelijk ook mensen.