You can make it as a professional at Mosa.

Help turn Mosa’s ambitions into reality.

Our colleagues in Finance and IT are the lubricant for our organization. They are essential to the success of Mosa, and make sure that all the wheels and radars keep turning. By making the right decisions now, we create space for future investment. Every year we set ambitious goals. Together with the business, our finance team turns Mosa’s strategy into a clear, ambitious and achievable plan. Next to this the team provides the support, advice, and insights needed to help Mosa develop and grow.

Digitalization is key for the future of Mosa as we strive to work smarter, not harder. Automating and digitalizing our processes will help pave the way. The IT department maps out the route and guides this journey.

At Mosa, we are well organized. We are a fair and stable employer, with our own CLA that you can build upon. From our strong Dutch roots, we have what it takes to conquer the world.

Would you like to work on you and on the success of tomorrow? Make it happen!

Make it yours. Make it Mosa.

In which position are you going to make it?

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